Convoke Logo Redesign & Web Presence

Start Climbing


Convoke leadership came to Peaktwo acknowledging a need to update a dated website, refresh branding, and reinforce its distinct position as a secure file-sharing solution to clients in the financial sector. Company reps were having no trouble explaining solution advantages in person; the disconnect came from an online presence that did not do justice to Convoke’s innovation.

Convoke knew that the purpose of its site was to validate the introductory impact of its team. In its former state, Convoke’s site was falling short, failing to give a genuine breakthrough in secure data sharing the distinction it demanded from over-the-counter software packages.


Logo and Styleguide

Concurrent with the site repurpose, we took the opportunity to refresh the company logotype, giving branding an edgier look that would complement the website. We also introduced a new color palatte and typeface.


Identity Suite

To complete the transformation, we designed business cards, letterhead and PowerPoint templates to ensure alignment of brand across all mediums.


Responsive Website Design

A new, more effective site demanded a fresh expectation of what it could accomplish. The UI would guide visitors through the Convoke story while copy would frame solution effectiveness in the context of user and industry benefit. Throughout, an over-arching theme of ironclad security that went beyond even the most rigorous public or private sector standards would reassure prospects about the safety and stability of cloud-based data sharing.

Reaching a Higher Level

The notion of a website as an instrument of validation is already changing the Convoke sales dynamic. With typically long cycles that can take years between introduction and implementation, having a dynamic site that details Convoke advantages and serves as a source of data-sharing innovation insight keeps prospects affirmed and engaged.

Visitors click through the site easily and are able to learn more about how Convoke works, which of today’s industries continue to benefit from it, and why it is the standout solution for ultra-secure data and document sharing.

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