Lessons Learned: Custom Shopify Build

With the launch of Roadmaster Active Suspension’s new Shopify website completed and successful, it was time for the Peaktwo team to discuss lessons learned with creating a custom Shopify e-commerce destination.

Here are some of our key takeaways – strictly from our Developers POV:

Creative Flexibility
Working closely with your designer is paramount to building a dynamic, user-friendly site in Shopify. Some design elements may not always translate 1:1 in a Shopify environment, so leaning on a creatively flexible and solution-oriented team will go a long way. (HOW DID WE DO THIS?)

Break It to Built It
While this mantra is true for any site build, it could not be more important when building a custom Shopify e-commerce site. (WHY?) To mediate this, we hacked away at our build with the intention of breaking it in order to find the bugs and proper fixes up front.

Get as Much Feedback as Possible
Direct merchant feedback is invaluable and is a great tool after site launch. It might be hard to get at times, but when you can get it don’t dismiss it. (NEED MORE DETAIL HERE ON HOW THIS IS ESSENTIAL / UNIQUE TO SHOPIFY…SO WE SHOULD INVITE MORE VOICES TO THE TABLE THAN TYPICALLY?)

Be sure to check out the work at Roadmaster at activesuspension.com.