Let’s Make it Official: Welcome JLaF

PeakTwo recently named Joan Latta Fernandez vice president of client services. Fernandez, a former director at Oracle Corporation and Versatility, Inc., brings proven team and project management experience to the company. According to founder and CEO Michael Granetz, this ability is especially welcome as the three-year-old agency grows beyond its startup status.

“Joan has worked with PeakTwo as a consultant for the past two years,” Granetz explained. “She has helped us cultivate healthy client relationships, provided valuable management insight, and been vital to business development. We’re very pleased that she will be able to contribute this expertise full time.”

Working in the software industry for almost a decade, Fernandez specialized in supporting sales  efforts, ensuring a prospective client’s needs were the best fit for specific software solutions. Particular product familiarity included call center automation and customer relationship management. The organizational and client-management responsibilities parallel her role at PeakTwo.

“The entire project and client management skill sets translate well to the marketing and media industry,” Fernandez explained. “I’m also enjoying the creative challenge inherent in the web presence development, social media campaigns, advertising and awareness efforts that constitute the PeakTwo sweet spot.” Fernandez added that she is pleased to have found a role that applies her skills to these opportunities. “Marketing is less structured than software development. It’s rewarding to be part of the creative process while serving PeakTwo clients.”

PeakTwo is an independent marketing and media agency headquartered in the DC Metro area specializing in milestone-driven awareness efforts. PeakTwo defines milestones as major organizational events such as launches, mergers, new product intros, acquisitions, relocations and new hires. Adept at web presence development, social media, media outreach, promotions, and advertising, PeakTwo concentrates on generating milestone awareness while freeing client management to concentrate on day-to-day business demands. Visit  peaktwo.com to learn more.

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