Welcome Chris Harris!

At Peaktwo we pride ourselves on being a tight-knit group of powerhouses in the world of digital marketing. So it’s not every day that we find someone who fills a P2 void, which is exactly why we’re so psyched about our newest team member.

Chris Harris has officially joined the Peaktwo team as VP and Director of Client Services. Though his career began in New York directly after graduating from James Madison University, Harris and his family have trickled down the east coast, finally landing in Charlotte, NC nearly a decade ago.

With 15 years experience working as a marketer, project manager, and client services provider, this Long Island native has quickly become a very welcome addition to our office. As Charlotte-based colleagues, Harris says he and Peaktwo founder and CEO, Mike Granetz, have spent the past couple of years brainstorming some form of collaboration. Finally, at the close of 2014, the time presented itself.

While Harris is quite committed to – and has a clear talent for – client liaisons, there’s more to him than just work, work, work. The father of two is also an avid New York sports fan – specifically the NFL’s New York Giants, he appreciates both beer and wine, and considers his wife, Ariana, the brains of the operations. He is also also heavily involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Harris sat on the Board of the Charlotte chapter for four years and is getting ready to complete his 3rd Xtreme Hike (30.1 miles in a single day on the Appalachian Trail). The event, which is going into its 5th year will raise over $400,000!


We couldn’t contain our excitement any longer, so now we invite you to get to know our VP & Director of Client Services, Chris Harris.

Welcome to the Peaktwo team! VP & Director of Client Services – what’s that really mean?

Essentially I wear a couple hats. Part of my job will be business development. I’ll help Mike drive and grow business, and hopefully bring more clients to the company, while also ensuring that our current clients are happy and satisfied with our work.

As the Director of Client Services, I’ll deal with the day-to-day client interactions, making sure they have everything they need from us.

Where can we expect to see your influence at P2?

Helping define the next chapter for Peaktwo and really moving that vision forward, as well as generating revenue, and maintaining current clients while growing our base.

Why client relations?

I’ve been doing this work for some time. I really like helping people figure out problems and strategizing, instead of just putting your head down and working in isolation.

Who is Chris Harris – what’s your backstory?

Well, I spent the last four years working as a project manager with another accomplished digital agency here in Charlotte. I was responsible for all facets of work for my clients: business analysis, project management, quality assurance, marketing support and account management. My goal is: once you become my client, you are always my client.

Originally, I started out as a business analyst at a small company in New York that went bust approximately eight months into my very first job. Ever since then I’ve been working as a marketer and project manager. My wife and I have been in Charlotte for eight years. We have two boys, ages seven and four, and I really like to spend my free time hanging out with the three of them –playing sports, golfing, watching sports. I’m an advocate for working hard during the week, and playing hard on the weekend.

Do you have a social media site of choice?

Facebook – it’s a great way to keep up with family and friends.

Well, you didn’t say Twitter, but, in 140 characters or less, describe why you’re perfect for this job?

Drive, determination, work ethic, and personality. (That’s actually 51 characters.)

Do you have a favorite app?

Yes, I do! WTSO – Wine Til Sold Out – it’s an app that posts alerts for mid to high priced wine that they’re trying to get rid of. They sell bottles at 30% to 70% of the market price. You should go ahead and download it.

If you had to pick one: coffee or beer?

Ooo, I’d have to go beer. Even though I have a cup of coffee in my hand right now… it would have to be beer.

What’s your number one piece of advice for achieving productivity?

Put your cell phone down when you’re not using it.

What are you most excited to do at Peaktwo?

I am looking forward to coming up with new product offerings to complement our strong design, development and marketing solutions. I’m also excited to get to know our clients!

Are there any new offerings currently in the works?

Yes there are! We just launched The Pulse, a social media and content marketing program for small business, and have something very special in the works.

Just when you thought we couldn’t get better, right? So drop Chris an email to say “hello” and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!


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