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We’ve Got Some Inspiring Developments… Developing

It’s been a [remarkable, frantic, confusing, exhilarating, memorable – just insert your own adjective here] year for everyone, including us. We’ve seen clients harshly challenged to adapt their businesses, while others have surged in this unique economic environment. We’ve been delighted to launch new websites, and saddened to take down others. Here at Peaktwo, we’ve…


Lessons Learned: Leading a Team During the Coronovirus Pandemic

Leading a team virtually is a whole new ballgame for many business owners – it certainly is for me. Not only am I concerned about the isolation my team is experiencing, but the added feelings of anxiety and stress that come from these unique times. Like many of you, we begin each day with a…


4 Things Web Agencies Should Know Before Starting a Large Website Project

In the fall of 2018 we launched a new website for Granicus, a Minnesota-based organization that helps more than 4,000 government agencies modernize their online services and communication. Granicus is a big company, with five offices – including one in the UK. There are over 185 million citizens on their subscriber network and more than 5…


Slow Website? Google Search Console Will Now Let You Know Why

When I come across a slow-loading website, I immediately do two things – actually three. I first throw shade (can I say that?) at our ISP, as they are so easy to blame. Then I load any other webpage, and when I see that it loads just fine, I refresh the unresponsive load page. It’s…


We’ve Moved – A New Marketing Agency is in Fort Mill, SC

UPDATE: November 2018 We’re in! We moved into the our new Fort Mill office space April. After a few months, we’ve finally had some time to get settled (and add a bit of our style). So come by and say hello, enjoy a cup of coffee and a game of foosball! Peaktwo Homepage   February…


How Badly Do We Need the Leads?

My father had a point. The issue in question:  the headline on our freshly launched website. The phone call went something like this: ME: Dad, did you see the new Peaktwo site? DAD: I did. ME: Well what do you think? I told you we did more than just “work with computers”. DAD: It’s… [PAUSE]…