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How Badly Do We Need the Leads?

November 13, 2017

My father had a point. The issue in question:  the headline on our freshly launched website. The phone call went something like this: ME: Dad, did you see the new Peaktwo site? DAD: I did. ME: Well what do you think? I told you we did more than just “work with computers”. DAD: It’s… [PAUSE]…


Peaktwo’s New Website Nominated on Awwwards

October 10, 2017

You know we aren’t ones for awards, but what about Awwwards? The very prestigious design review website Awwwards has approved the new Peaktwo website as a nominee. Our site is now featured on the Awwwards website and voting is open to everyone. The site will be judged on Design, Usability, Creativity & Content. If you are…


How To Create a Website Icon For Apple’s MacBook Touch Bar

September 26, 2017

We’ve been using our 2016 Apple MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar for almost 10 months now. Sure, the emoticon happy face stares hopefully at us and suggested text occurs unnoticed, but adoption rates are increasing. Our most used features include : volume/mute, brightness, undo (Photoshop) and Apple Pay. But the feature we find most…


What Happened When We Became Our Own Client: 6 Things We Learned When Launching Our Site

September 14, 2017

To all of our clients: If we thought we got it before, now we really (really) do. You see, this year we wanted to launch a new website for Peaktwo. Our current site was almost two years old and to be honest, it never quite captured our vibe or presented the information as seamlessly as…


Should You Test Your Website’s Mobile Speed Performance? Yes, With Caution

June 30, 2017

Google has gone all-in on mobile and to make sure you have too – they’ve launched “Test My Site”. Their latest assessment tool analyzes your website’s speed and performance on mobile devices – mobile loading speed, the number of visitors you may be losing due to poor performance, how you compare against the competition, and…


Best Website Design in Charlotte (Really…we’re saying it so it has to be true)

May 12, 2017

Ok, you got us. This page isn’t really about website design specifically targeted to Charlotte markets. It’s a page written expressly for search engine optimization (SEO) – meaning a page for the search robots to find when someone searches “website design Charlotte”. It’s a popular SEO strategy  and done correctly, it can be a extremely…