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Your website is the hub of your marketing universe. It’s not a static online brochure – it’s a magnetic, energetic two-way engagement channel (phew). Every single one of your marketing activities drives visitors back to your site. It’s where new leads begin a brand journey, and prospects continue their education. Customers can purchase products and talent can look for jobs. It informs. It builds brand trust and loyalty. It sells. Can you say that about your current site?

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Launching a website that makes your company stand out from the competition takes more than just great design and content. There are dozens of agencies that can build you a flashy website, but few have the right process and talent needed to deliver the engaging experience demanded by today’s online audience.

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“Don’t Look at Our Website”

We hear it so often in the first conversation with new prospects. The exact words can vary, but the meaning remains the same: the website was created before I got here, our website is so old and confusing, the CEOs nephew built this for us  when he was in college, etc. If this sounds familiar, we can help. Here’s a quick overview of what Peaktwo can offer in website design services.


Web Strategy

Too often the decision to stand up a new website is based on design and not purpose. We’re strategy junkies. Our team will help you craft a website strategy, and then create the design, content, and functionality required to support it.


Content management systems offer scale and flexibility while empowering your marketing team. We work with all major content management platforms including WordPress, Craft, and Drupal. The right CMS should be based on your business and website requirements, not your agency.


Did you know that 52% of all web traffic is from mobile devices? If your website doesn’t perform on smartphones and tablets, you not only risk losing customers, but also negatively impacting your search engine rankings. (Source:, Q3 – 2018)


Great design is transforming, but brilliant design is intelligent. It expertly blends strategy, brand, messaging, user paths, and functionality into a dynamic online experience that engages visitors and encourages action. Don’t settle for great design when it can be brilliant.


The red-headed step child to design. Who gets excited about development? We do. All our development is done locally – we never offshore our work. Our code is clean, logical and light – yes, those are all words we can use to describe code, see… we really like it!


You need to be found before you get chosen, and if your website isn’t ranking, it doesn’t matter how wonderful a website you have. All our sites are engineered for search from the start – with strategies and tactics to help you rise in the rankings.

Lead Generation

Websites need to perform and for many of our clients, that means generating leads. Our team has strong expertise integrating with Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Acton, Mailchimp, …well you get the idea. When seamlessly integrated with a strong user experience, your website becomes an engine for new business.


Marketers know that launching a shiny new website is only the beginning – the real proof is in the numbers. We partner with our clients post launch to measure site performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Safe, secure, affordable hosting with 24/7 response and daily backups. All our hosting solutions include total website management to keep your site secure. It’s the same service as the big guys but with the team you already know and trust.

“HQ in Charlotte, Clients Everywhere”

We are located in Charlotte, NC (…ok, just over the border in Fort Mill, SC – but close enough). We work with clients all over the map, from Silicon Valley to Boston, Washington, DC, to Orlando, Charlotte to Omaha. Our unique approach to project delivery ensures that our team becomes a part of your team no matter how many miles between us.

Please enjoy some recent project work. View all work.

Granicus Website Design

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Granicus knows their target audience, and it isn’t middle-aged men. The new website had to speak to women on the front lines of government agency marketing and communication.

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Arabella Website Design

WASHINGTON, DC – Arabella’s services are extremely personal and high impact. If your website needs to speak to a diverse set of audiences, here’s how you do it.

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Virgin Pulse Website Design

BOSTON, MA – Is your website over-designed and under performing? This one was. Here’s how we fixed it and why strategy has to lead design.

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Club Fitness Website Design

CHARLOTTE, NC – Club Fitness wanted three websites for three different brands to support a robust digital marketing program. How about one site that could scale for all three?

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