SimpleLegal’s mission is to reinvent the way legal teams achieve strategic business goals and deliver more value – all while keeping things simple. And if “simple” is embedded in your mission, everything about your client (and prospect’s) experience with your brand needs to be just that.

As an innovative SaaS company in Silicon Valley, the competition is fierce and capturing marketshare is paramount. If you want to be top dog, you not only need the best platform, but you need to look the part. SimpleLegal’s existing site was like many 1st generation SaaS company websites, functional and representative of an early growth phase. The new site needed to showcase a significantly evolved product and a rapidly growing Who’s Who list of clients.

So when SimpleLegal set out to find an agency to build their next generation website, what could be simpler than finding one on the opposite coast? 🙂

The challenge here was less Xs and Os, but how could we build the close, personal relationship we know is required to bring about the best deliverable? It started with a West Coast trip for some serious face-to-face time, there is no substitute for in-person meetings. The project followed along with online collaboration tools, weekly status meetings, and plenty of good ‘ole fashioned phone conversations.

The result speaks for itself, both in design, experience, and real business results. SimpleLegal was recently acquired by Onit, creating the most comprehensive, global SaaS solution for legal operations professionals today.