Device Magic

The SaaS mobile form and data collection market is a crowded space. Device Magic is proud to be an industry leader, and sustaining and growing this lead is a company priority. Each year new vendors push in and existing ones polish their pitch, making it paramount that Device Magic stays ahead of the competition.

The company’s rebrand in 2021 was a celebration of their hard work and growth, and one piece of the plan to reinforce a market leadership position – a new website was another. Peaktwo helped Device Magic reimagine the web experience, with a focus on a clean, modern interface, consumer education, and one-click lead generation.

All our web projects begin with Basecamp, a multi-week phase to identify goals and craft a custom strategy to meet them. DeviceMagic’s website would have to elevate the brand, focus the messaging, strengthen SEO performance, and support the team’s digital marketing efforts.

It’s important when engineering websites for SaaS solutions to consider the unique buying phases of your visitors – finding, learning and choosing. Our design offers three user paths to meet these phases of the customer journey: one presenting a high-level “check the box” overview of the SaaS product’s key benefits, one offering a deep dive into the rich feature set, and one for users ready to create their free account.

For the design, we established an industrial theme to resonate strongly with their primary buyers. The new logo was used in abstract to drive brand awareness, and an updated color palette, highlighted by a strong green, works to help DeviceMagic stand out in the market while reflecting the paperless technology they embrace.

Since launch, the new website has seen a 65% increase in organic traffic and a 48% increase in goal completions.

* January 2021 vs November 2020