Remember the phone book? When you craved pizza, and you knew you wanted Pizza Hut or Dominos, you went to the white pages. If you wanted to know what pizza choices were near, you flipped all the way to the yellow pages, fingering to the “PIZZA” category.

Surprisingly, things haven’t changed all that much in the battle for your retail dollar. The phone book is now the internet, and fortunately for us, it weighs a whole lot less.

Enter MomentFeed, an online platform that helps multi-location brands get found on mobile search. And while this is a major oversimplification of what this powerful tool is capable of doing, it serves our need to make that phone book analogy work – the yellow pages (local, category search) is still a very real thing, but I can’t remember the last time a white pages (local, brand search) graced my front porch.

“Hey Siri…find pizza places near me.”

This shift to category, or non-branded search, launched an entire market of services and tools designed to help deliver foot traffic into retail doors. MomentFeed is a market leader in this space – helping multi-location brands gain a competitive edge and drive visibility in a mobile customer’s moment of need, regardless of whether they conduct a branded or unbranded search.

MomentFeed asked us to build a web experience that would do two specific things: drive leads and feature a deep repository of original content. In the SaaS space, the first is relatively simple if done right – what is your product, how can it help me, sign up for a demo. The second would require a different approach. To become the market leader, MomentFeed wanted to demonstrate their depth of industry expertise with a Netflix-like knowledge center, all without distracting prospective buyers from the primary goal of lead gen.

Our solution? Create two very unique journeys for the user. Using both color and page placement we kept the paths visually separate, but contextually integrated. The site offers a streamlined, intuitive user path for buyers, and a robust learning hub to satisfy the most binge-worthy content consumer. Toss in a bunch of custom illustration work, animations, hours of content loading, and the result is pretty special.