Müller Corporation


A distinct, consistent brand story is essential to an organization’s identity. In the case of International Ceramic Construction (ICC), this need was challenged across multiple business units, unique solution sets, audiences, and even geography. After many years of growth, the company was looking to streamline its operations and present a strong, unified brand to the market.

Peaktwo led the team through strategic exercises to recommend a new name, messaging platform, and brand structure. Drawing on the strong European foundation and influence, we created Müller Corporation, harnessing the family name and heritage to bring all companies together.

Once this essential groundwork was laid, the fun began with logo development for the parent company and all four child companies: Müller Surfaces, Müller Industrial Services, Müller Academy and Global Tiling. Leveraging the striking, abstract “M”, each company could be easily identifiable as being part of the Müller family, but also unique enough to stand alone in marketing efforts.

The new identity was crystalized with a custom website and integrated brand experience showcasing Müller’s high quality work across all four business units. The strong but restrained use of color adds a brightness and authority to the site, capitalizing on key tenants of their surfaces and cleaning businesses.

Today we continue our adventure with Müller as their marketing agency and partner.