Global Imprint

Corporate responsibility – the act of integrating social and environmental concerns into everyday operations – is redefining how investors, consumers, and employees view your business. While some companies have made this the bedrock of their revenue model (i.e., REI, Toms, Ben & Jerry’s), others struggle to move past weekend food drives and charitable donations. Corporate responsibility is bigger than this, and while the latter are still commendable efforts, it requires more to make a sustainable impact.

It’s one of the main reasons David Cuthbert, former CEO of Wine To Water (a non-profit fighting the world’s water crisis), started Global Imprint, to help corporations and foundations succeed in this new purpose-driven economy. 

Peaktwo supported their launch with a new brand identity and website design to engage both executives and nonprofit leaders. We led them in on a journey to communicate the “why” behind Global Imprint’s offerings, and crafted a customer experience that inspires engagement and showcases Global Imprint’s deep knowledge and expertise. 

This year – perhaps more than ever before – businesses are striving to align their brand with purpose to impact the greater good. Peaktwo is proud to have played a role Global Imprint’s mission, and we are inspired to pursue partnerships with other purpose-driving brands in the future.