The 5 Most Requested SaaS Website Design Trends For 2023

Here are five SaaS web design trends that have gained popularity with our our clients and are the most requested so far this year.

Global Imprint

A beacon of leadership in the new purpose-driven economy.

Client Brief

The most relevant businesses today are about more than their bottom line - they are also good citizens of the world. Global Imprint helps corporations improve their ESG metrics, and deliver purposeful results that matter.

Peaktwo helped the Global Imprint team create a new brand identity and website design that appealed to both executives and nonprofit leaders. We led them on a journey to better understand and community, the “why” behind their offerings, and created an online experience that inspired action and helped establish them as the industry experts.

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Services Provided
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design
Website Colors
Project Highlights

What made this project so cool? Here are a few features we really enjoyed.

  • Horizontal Scroll

    We introduced a story-driven horizontal scroll for the homepage. It allowed users to creatively consume information while establishing that this wasn't just another consulting company.

  • Imprint - The Magazine

    When your client is viewed as the industry thought leader, a traditional resource center wasn't going to cut it. For this project, we designed a robust online magazine with its own personality from the main website.

  • SVG Animations

    Simple line art SVG animations accompanied visitors through the site journey. It was an elegant solution that fit the brand, and provided a little extra excitement to the browsing experience.

They said it...

Peaktwo collaborated with us to create an online presence we are proud to share with our community.

They conducted a professional and efficient process in building our digital home that I truly believe will be a significant boost to our business. We are grateful to have chosen your team to journey with us.

David Cuthbert, Founder & CEO