For 25 years, Kellex has risen above the trends of the American furniture industry.

While others shifted manufacturing overseas for cheaper materials and lower production costs, Kellex committed themselves to personal relationships, quality craftsmanship, local communities, and vendors. This dedication and perseverance worked, and helped to position Kellex as a leader and one of the most trusted manufacturers of furniture in the US.

To maintain this position, Kellex partnered with Peaktwo to reimagine their website. We were asked to create a digital destination that met the needs of their customers and employees, and shined a light on the company’s core values and history. We led a series of in-person meetings and client interviews to uncover key requirements that could not only serve Kellex’s company needs, but their clients’ as well. The end result – a modern, purpose-first, and engaging website. The Kellex site blends CMS-based web development with robust web app functionality, and an alternate look and feel that allows Kellex to tell their brand story in a meaningful way.

This partnership was an especially personal one to the Peaktwo team, and specifically our founder, Mike Granetz. Mike grew up in the furniture industry, watching his father, two brothers, and grandfather place people in front of profits. At a young age, he saw both the importance of a business founded on values, and that work has the power to impact individuals’ lives. Kellex operates with the hope and expectation that they hold their employees’ livelihood in their hands, and we know this kind of thoughtful mindset was a major contributor to Kellex’s success.

We are proud to have partnered with such a mindful and purposeful brand, and look forward to continue our collaboration as they adapt to an ever-changing industry (and world).