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A global SaaS company with a focus on local connections.

Client Brief

Uberall is the global leader in location-based marketing (in 2021, they acquired long-time Peaktwo client Momentfeed). Uberall’s website was built on a clunky and outdated CMS that made enhancements and updates both difficult and expensive. The team was handcuffed by their existing platform, a real challenge for this growing organization.

Impressed by our work with Momentfeed, Uberall asked us to do the same for them. But here's the rub - instead of building a completely new website, they wanted to replicate the Momentfeed platform, add in a bunch of new feature and functionality, reskin it for the newly launched Uberall brand, maintain all the SEO value AND make it all work across four languages.

Project Launch
  • 2022
Services Provided
  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO & Migration Planning
  • Managed Hosting
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
Website Colors
Project Highlights

Here are few things that made this project unique.

  • International Compliance

    Uberall is a German company, and the Germans have some the most strict privacy and compliance laws in the world. To meet the guidelines, we chose an international hosting company with servers in Germany, a win-win.

  • SEO, Always SEO

    One of the biggest challenges in launching a new site is preserving the SEO goodness of the existing one. In addition to a robust migration plan, we brought in our SEO partners to ensure a smooth equity transition.

  • Craft CMS Multilingual

    We've built plenty of multilingual sites in Wordpress, but this was our first one in Craft. Our part was easy, but it was the Uberall translation teams that proved invaluable.

  • Design Coordination

    We designed the Uberall website before the brand guidelines were completed, which meant special care was required to coordinate our design with the global marketing team's evolving execution.

Project Impact

When it comes down to it, our SaaS clients want more traffic and more demos. This site delivers.

24%Increase in Organic Traffic

89%Increase in Demo Requests

26%Decrease in Bounce Rates