it's better to be off-piste, than to be piste-off

Hampered by a Horrible Website? Do This, Not That.

Congratulations! You’ve just been named the new CEO at FlashyNewTech Co. but the current website is anything but its namesake. Everyone is looking at you to supercharge sales, but all you see is something destined for the Wayback Machine. You need a plan and you need it fast. The reality is that you won’t fit…


Welcome to Fort Mill / Emmet’s Social Table

Fort Mill really smells. It’s actually one of the things we love most about our office location on Main Street. Arriving early morning, and depending on the day, the air is rich with aromas – hops from Amor Artis, smoked hickory from The Improper Pig, grilled prime cuts from Hobos. It’s a bouquet of goodness…


Our Journey to Making Business Matter

Change should be purposeful. Purposeful change can make a measurable impact. When you’ve built as many websites as we have, you begin noticing trends. Some trends are designer fads that come and go [think parallax, gradients, flat design], while others are less obvious, but could be the start of something more permanent. Let’s take the…


Peaktwo Gives Back #givingtuesday

It’s that time of the year, when we share a very heartfelt thank you to our clients for your continued support and the special relationships we have crafted. And if this was any other year, you and your team might be deep into that “thank you”, faces smeared with the sweet indulgence of rich, fudgy sweets, or…


We’ve Got Some Inspiring Developments… Developing

It’s been a [remarkable, frantic, confusing, exhilarating, memorable – just insert your own adjective here] year for everyone, including us. We’ve seen clients harshly challenged to adapt their businesses, while others have surged in this unique economic environment. We’ve been delighted to launch new websites, and saddened to take down others. Here at Peaktwo, we’ve…


Lessons Learned: Leading a Team During the Coronovirus Pandemic

Leading a team virtually is a whole new ballgame for many business owners – it certainly is for me. Not only am I concerned about the isolation my team is experiencing, but the added feelings of anxiety and stress that come from these unique times. Like many of you, we begin each day with a…