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Bailey Lauerman Wins AdAge 2013 Small Agency of The Year

Who doesn’t love a good giant-killer story? David and Goliath. The 1980 Olympic hockey team. The hundredth viewing of Hoosiers or Rocky II.

That’s the company our client Bailey Lauerman now keeps, having just won top honors at the 2013 Ad Agency Small Agency Awards — and you better smile when you say “small agency,” partner. They won Midwest Region last year, which is impressive enough. Bringing home the big prize this year just proves they refuse to settle for good enough.

There’s something awesome about a small shop that wins big. It means they excel on two levels: they’re outstanding at what they do, and they add an extra dose of hustle needed to out-gun bigger competition. That definitely describes BL.

We’ve been privileged to work with them these past months on the redesign of their website, and take some satisfaction in helping them stand up an online presence worthy of their exceptional work.