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A Blunt SEO Breakdown that Doesn’t Kick PR Out of the Party

Big ups to Samuel Scott for a smart piece on today’s YouMoz blog that reveals substance of effective of Search Engine Optimization in one Marvel-comics-enhanced paragraph.

As I’ve written elsewhere while using “The Avengers” as an example (Joss Whedon fans, unite!), “SEO” is actually just a slang term for a collection of best practices — it is doing web development well, content creation well, social media well, PR well, and so on [emphasis added]. This is why successful SEO, and digital marketing in general, necessitates that companies “assemble” a holistic, integrated team with expertise in numerous disciplines. And that includes public relations.

It’s a sentiment we’ve been expressing in pitch after pitch, emphasizing that with respect to online marketing, the whole really is bigger than the sum of its parts. And that makes great conceptualization and execution of each part all the more important.

How do we do it? We typically start with an SEO Obstacle Analysis designed to reveal the workable impediments to your getting found – code, keywords, content, messaging, links and competition. If your issue is knowing where to start, this is your best first effort.

Throw all the guest blog posts you want at SEO. As Google says, that ain’t gonna change the game unless you’re thinking about how to tie it back to your unified awareness efforts. That means a campaign built on good content creation and amplification across the right platforms to the right audiences — and all of it based on online properties that take strong UX and UI in to account from the beginning.

Yeah, it’s plenty to think about, but if you put some good effort in to a smart start, you really get found. And isn’t that what we all want?

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