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Throwback Thursday: It’s All About that Blog

Every Thursday (ok, maybe not EVERY Thursday) we dip back into the Off-Piste archive looking for content that rang true once and rings true today. If you’re still struggling with original content, this short piece hasn’t lost it’s a-ha moment.

Maybe It’s About the Ego Stroke
Originally Published January 8th, 2010

One of our constant challenges is getting traditionally minded clients to try social media strategies. We’re not advocating that they become Tweeting fiends or arrange flash mobs, but we do speak passionately about creating and participating in relevant online communities.

We had a bit of a breakthrough with one client recently, who has been reticent to set up a blog; we think it would be an ideal way for the company leadership to share perspectives on current events — something that could easily transition in to their gaining recognition as industry experts.

Busy as top brass often is, the idea of blogging — even weekly — seems intimidating. But just because you’re not sitting in front of a keyboard doesn’t mean you stop having brilliant insights. As we discussed the relatively low amount of effort required for blog buy-in, and the correspondingly major amount of recognition it could propel, somebody said, in so many words: “We have these great ideas and opinions, we just need a way to get them out there!”

Jaw – floor.

Exactly. You already know that you have tremendous insights and that people welcome your point of view. So think of your blog as that chance to share those perspectives, to rant, rave, and even ramble. Don’t sweat perfection. It’s not a white paper. It’s a much more personal, and therefore genuine, outlet.

Most company leaders, in our experience, are tremendously bright and articulate. They have no problem bending your ear during an elevator ride or on the putting green. They’re comfortable with their authority and confident in their expertise.

Now, they just need to embrace the idea of giving everyone easy access to it. We think they can.