The 5 Most Requested SaaS Website Design Trends For 2023

Here are five SaaS web design trends that have gained popularity with our our clients and are the most requested so far this year.


P2 Pieces a New Site Together for Mosaic Legal Group

Some of our best friends are lawyers. Seriously. In fact, we just completed a new site for our friends at Mosaic Legal Group.

Official launch took place just after Thanksgiving. It involved a fair amount of new content and meticulous attention to the site’s look and feel, as well as a branding effort that worked up what we think is a pretty snazzy new logo.

Working with law firms (in my experience anyway) has always been its own particular brand of challenge. Attorneys tend to be pretty bright and they have surprisingly strong creative streaks as well. That makes for feedback by the bucket-load and additional ideas aplenty, but it’s our job to assimilate all those notions and intentions, apply them accordingly, and come up with something that pleases the whole crowd.

That said, please feel free to share your thoughts on Mosaic’s new site. And remember that you’re under oath.