The 5 Most Requested SaaS Website Design Trends For 2023

Here are five SaaS web design trends that have gained popularity with our our clients and are the most requested so far this year.


PeakTwo Partners: We Covet Data and Fear Boredom

Not our words, but rather those of Washington Post writer Mike Rosenwald, who interviewed us regarding the perils of smartphone obsession.

Money quote: Ferrari and Granetz live for when they get an alert from their iPhones about new information or a new version of an app. The flow of information never ceases. Neither does the thrill of anticipation.

Our iPhone love may border on the unhealthy (for the record, Jay claims that he had total command of the bathtub incident) but it also represents our unwavering need to remain connected and to communicate. We know reachability and responsiveness are now 24-7. Anything that facilitates that access — for clients, friends, family, whomever — is good by us.