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Taking it to the Next Level In Charlotte

Things have been going well for us in the NOVA/DC area, but we’re not the types to settle for prominence in just one major metropolitan area. That’s why Peaktwo is proud to announce the opening of our next outpost in Charlotte, North Carolina. We can already boast a strong core of clients in the area: Mercury Global Advisors,, and Focus Physical Therapy & Fitness. Word’s apparently getting out that we’re good at what we do, and we’re racking up even more referrals. Being there makes good business sense.

So here’s the plan: Michael Granetz, our intrepid founder and CEO, will be heading down to Charlotte for a few months to get things underway. All you South Riding golf buddies can stop sobbing; Mike will be back regularly, meeting with clients and schooling you on the links. We have to remind him that accumulated frequent flyer miles can’t be used to defray greens fees. Partners Jay Ferrari and Joan Latta-Fernandez will keep things under control back at home base.

The expansion is underway and should be established by the end of the summer. See you down in Charlotte!