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Founder & Creative Director

Mike Granetz

A self-proclaimed “strategic-creative” hybrid, Mike began his career in advertising & design before attending The George Washington University for his MBA in the late 90s. The resulting left-brain/right-brain skill set uniquely positioned him to help clients solve complex problems with truly visionary solutions.

He founded Peaktwo in 2008 to help companies reach new levels of success. Whether that was navigating an acquisition, rolling out a new product, or managing rapid growth. Today Mike defines success levels differently, as more clients aspire to grow their business through more purpose-driven narratives.

As the CEO and Creative Director at Peaktwo, Mike brings his detail-obsessed, laser-focused intensity to every client, every project — every time. He thinks on his feet and often with his hands (and a drawing tool). He’s usually the one pacing around the whiteboard, scratching out notes, and sketching ideas.

When he isn’t working with clients, you’ll find him spending time with his family and their two dogs. Those of you who really know him may strenuously disagree and place him on the golf course or the side of a mountain. A transplant from New Jersey, he still roots for the New York Yankees, and after 17 years in Washington DC, avoids rush-hour traffic as much as possible.

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