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Marketing Solutions

Thanks for keeping us busy. Now, time to practice what we preach.

After more time than we care to admit, we’ve given our site a long-overdue renovation, and are standing up our own self-directed outreach and awareness efforts back in shape.

Our excuse is the one we hope every business might have, which is “Damn, we’ve been busy taking care of our clients.” We have plenty to get done for a roster of great companies, and after a day of site builds, SEO, social media, we’d flop on the proverbial couch knowing we should do some work on our own behalf. But it was all we could do to power up the DVR and catch up on The Walking Dead or whatever.

The bad news/good news thing for us? Our baseball teams all fell apart, giving us the extra time we needed to bring this home (pun intended). The White Sox dropped from first with a kind of crazy self-destruction. The Nationals worked us into a state of near euphoria, then broke our hearts wide open. And the Yankees, well, Mike can’t even look at a broom right now.

No baseball means we’ve had a little time to finishing getting our house in order. But we also had a very visceral learning experience as we worked on our own site. It reminded us that giving this stuff the attention it deserves is a genuine commitment. It can’t be an afterthought. And yeah, we thought about hiring an interactive marketing agency that would take on another interactive agency as a client, but that got way too “Inception” for us ;). Figured we better practice what we preach, even if that means drinking coffee until you vibrate at a frequency only dogs can hear.

So, in a ham-fisted way, we’re saying, “we get it,” and we get it better than ever. This stuff takes intelligence and insight, but it also takes time and effort. We know we can’t hire ourselves to get the job done. We can, however, thank the folks who have hired us to get it done for them. Now, let’s get back to work.

FYI, we’re hiring.