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Social Media

The Strong Case for Small-Audience Blogs

When launching a blog, whether for personal or professional interest, emphasis is often on building the most expansive audience possible. In many cases, that way of thinking is right on the money. But blogging can be more than a means of broadcasting personal POV or sharing thought leadership. It can also be a way to keep a tight circle of stakeholders up to date on a particular project or area of interest.

We’ve had good success with clients and friends who aren’t interested in creating a massive following, but instead see the value in keeping a small but significant audience aware of production-cycle progress, the launch of a new initiative, or even to manage conversations regarding a shared effort.

Often, these blogs are hidden from general searches — not necessarily private, just below the radar. It’s an easy measure to take, and it gives those invited to follow — and contribute to — the blog a feeling of privilege and exclusivity that can be tremendously powerful. Instead of trying to build anonymous readership in the thousands, they appreciate the advantage of specific readership in the dozens. Something to think about in terms of how you can approach, author, and manage the blog component of your web presence.