Our Journey to Making Business Matter

Change should be purposeful.

Purposeful change can make a measurable impact.

When you’ve built as many websites as we have, you begin noticing trends. Some trends are designer fads that come and go [think parallax, gradients, flat design], while others are less obvious, but could be the start of something more permanent. Let’s take the “Community” webpage as an example of the latter. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s the one buried in the “About” section of your website – yes, the one with pictures of your company softball team and that Habitat for Humanity event from a few years ago. Someone in HR or Marketing probably asked for it to demonstrate your company’s connection to the neighborhood, and to show a softer side of the organization that wasn’t financially driven. It was nascent thinking at the time, but it’s not anymore. Companies are now putting purpose first, and the market is responding.

Customers are looking to buy from purpose-driven brands. Employees are inspired to work for and stay at purpose-driven companies. Even investors are directing their dollars to purpose-driven organizations.

Welcome to the purpose-driven economy.

“Hmm, ok. Thanks Peaktwo, but what does this have to do with you?”

Glad you asked. Over the last few years, a handful of our clients began expanding on this trend. Their purpose story (often a deeply-personal reason the company was launched) became the focal point of brand messaging. Community pages became entire sections, and impact messaging moved to the homepage. But at the time, we didn’t recognize the significance of what was happening.

Fast-forward to 2020 (…we know, no one wants to go back those days) and a project meeting with an inspiring team of individuals we met in Boone, NC. These folks were all-in on the purpose-driven economy – they were early adaptors and thought leaders in the movement. It was an inspiring conversation that really helped us to understand an ongoing shift happening in corporate philosophy – one measured not by dollars, but by impact.

And this got us thinking.
This got us looking at a growing trend within our client base.
This made us realize that we were already on a path, but had yet to embrace it.
This had us thinking about the impact WE could have if we made it a part of OUR purpose.

So now we’re making a purposeful change.

Over the next few months we’ll be introducing a new Peaktwo – an agency inspired to help companies achieve business goals while impacting the greater good. You’ll see a shift in how we talk about ourselves, our clients, and our mission. The new website will embrace this change and highlight our work with clients making a positive impact.

We can’t wait for you to join this journey with us.

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