Beacon Partners

An inspired full-service commercial real estate firm in Charlotte, NC.

Client Brief

Beacon Partners is one of the largest commercial real estate development firms in the Charlotte region - developing over 2.02 million square feet just in 2021. What's more impressive, is that Beacon is an inspired business, with a mission to invest in the future of their community. In 2019, they made the decision to let this story shine through.

After completing an in-depth branding exercise with their PR firm, Peaktwo was chosen to support a visual overhaul to the current site. It was a great opportunity to bring the messaging to life. The catch? The site and property search application was built on the content management software, CraftCMS - and it was going to stay there.

Challenge accepted.

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  • Community
Services Provided
  • Web Design & Development
  • Custom Animation
  • SEO
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Project Highlights

What made this project so cool? There were many - but here are few things we really enjoyed.

  • Designing to Brand

    It isn't often we are handed new messaging and content before starting a project, but when we are, it's a really good day. The PR team did an excellent job crafting the copy and tone, freeing our creatives to do what they do best.

  • Custom Animation

    We need to do something unique for the homepage hero - the last thing anyone wanted was another Charlotte skyline shot. For this site, we created custom animations of Beacon properties.

  • CraftCMS

    We had heard of the CraftCMS, but as of this project, we had not completed a large build on the platform. Coming into someone else's work isn't always easy, but CraftCMS proved to be an excellent platform, one we still build on today.

  • SEO Migration

    Even optimizing the design of a site could mean new pages and restructuring old URLs. This project had a focused effort on transferring existing SEO value, while also improving the foundation for our long-term SEO efforts.

Project Impact

After the successful site launch, we launched an SEO program and content strategy in support of Beacon Partner's efforts within local Charlotte communities and growth regions.

34Competitive Keywords Ranking in Google's Top 10

27%YOY Organic Traffic Growth

#1Rank for "Commercial Real Estate Development" in Charlotte