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When “good enough for government” is not good enough, there's Opexus.

Client Brief

Can selling software to middle office government workers feel fresh and exciting? One company believed it could, and set off on a rebranding initiative to “help get government unstuck”. From there, Opexus (formerly AINS) was born, and the team was eager to keep the movement rolling. The new brand would be launched at a quickly approaching industry conference, making a complete strategic website launch nearly impossible.

Project Launch
  • 2023
Services Provided
  • Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
Website Colors

Our Approach
This required an approach that could support the conference while laying the foundation for the future website. It was decided that a microsite on the new domain (opexustech.com) would launch first, introducing the new vision, brand, and story – while offering clear paths back to the existing AINS site (now relocated to aims.opexustech.com). Phase II (the full website) quickly followed, which included an expanded user experience, migrated content, and retirement of the old website.

  • Phased Website Launch

    When the timing doesn't work - and it often doesn't - a phased approach to your website launch may be the solution. The one caveat, it can get messy, so have a plan.

  • SEO Migration Plan

    Speaking of messes, a phased launch brings into play a whole new set of SEO challenges. A proper SEO migration plan is essential to help mitigate the loss in search engine value.

  • New Domain Introduction

    A new brand calls for a new domain, and that often means some technical URL jujitsu. In this case, we opted to get the new URL into play sooner and move the existing site onto a subdomain.

  • Brand Activation

    Working with a new brand is always fun, and when a client gives you the freedom to explore its activation, it's even sweeter.

Project Impact

In a three month period following launch, the site saw increases across three key metrics:

+10xdemo requests

+88%organic sessions

+68%average engagement time

They said it...

So much more than a web design agency. They understand the mindset and demands of a CMO and offer solutions that not only meet my business requirements, but also address my marketing priorities and timelines.

Mike and his team feel like a true extension of our team helping not just revamp our online customer experience but bringing our new brand to life at the same time

Martha Mathers, CMO