Who Are We? Not just another marketing agency.

Our Story

The first question we often hear, “What’s with the name?”

The quick answer is that we have a love of the mountains. They are massive, pure inspiration and sublime when covered in snow. The complete answer is less transparent, and the motivation behind our inception.

In 2001, the dot-com bubble burst and hundreds of former internet darlings were ripe for picking. Wide-eyed corporate giants scooped them up for their assets. Business leaders were stuck to figure out what to do with the brands, the services and customers. But they had no plan, no destination, and if you’ll allow us a bad pun, no peak to climb.

We found ourselves working with leadership to create transition plans — detailed marketing programs that brought cultures togethers and focused teams towards achieving new heights. Together we built new brands, designed collateral and led campaigns that really mattered — and it felt good.

Soon after, Peaktwo was founded, and our offerings grew. From logos and print to website design and digital campaigns. Today our mission remains the same. We help companies reach that next peak with marketing solutions that deliver results.

How may we help you?

Tied Together

Meet your new friends.


Start with the core, then add whatever your project demands. We hand-select from our extended network of local creatives and specialists. Why? Because every project is different. Our way offers a cost-effective and proven method for integrating the best talent and fostering the most trust. There are no off-the-shelf solutions and we’d like to keep it that way.


Fearless Leader & Snow Fanatic

A former ski instructor with a love for deep powder that gets replaced in warm weather with a need for straight fairways and fast greens. Brilliant marketing strategist, with borderline OCD when it comes to figuring out CX, UI, CRM, SEO and whatever other alphabet soup you care to dish out. Earned his MBA from George Washington. No question the most dedicated Yankee and Giant fan south of the Mason-Dixon.


Tea Lover & In-House Alien

Charis (rhymes with Paris) is the Peaktwo pacemaker. She keeps projects on schedule, within budget, and above expectations. She has worked for some of the world’s largest and most reputable marketing service and IT industry consultancies. She graduated from the UK’s Coventry University with a degree in Equine Studies, giving her equal parts horse sense and business sense.


Beer Aficionado & Chronic Tinkerer

While some kids were happy with that “sticking wires in a lemon to make static” third-grade science gag, Steve was building his first computer. He was even putting up websites before there was Mosaic. Steve likes home-brewing the way Bob Ross likes painting. Combine that with his skill as an oldies and country DJ, and the guy’s basically a one-man party.



We don’t have a “type”. The best clients for us are the ones serious about making a difference. So be this your first climb or your fiftieth, we’re up for the adventure.



Send us a quick email and let’s see if we’re right for you.




Intern – Creative Writer/Social Media
Love to write? Love social media? We’re looking for an energetic, creative personality to apply their mad skills our client projects as well as the Peaktwo brand. Want the gig? Share with us some writing samples – blogs, tweets, whatever you have. Show us what you can do! Depending on experience, your Peaktwo internship could be paid and lead to a FT position!

WordPress Web Developer
If you consider yourself a WordPress expert (custom themes – no frameworks or starters), we’ve got a great opportunity for you to code, learn and work on some amazing projects. You’ll be responsible for executing every aspect of our projects, new and existing sites. Skills? HTML5, CSS, Javascript/jQuery (front-end) and a handful of others we’d be happy to share with you. Excellent troubleshooting, communication and cooperation required. Are you out there? Send us your resume!