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Jobaline is Opportunity for Millions of Job Seekers | Responsive Site Design

When you’re a forward-thinking company determined to create an accessible, mobile, bi-lingual jobs marketplace, it only makes sense that your web presence is able to perform on any device. That would be the quintessential example of a company that needs a responsive site design.

For Peaktwo client Jobaline, that was unquestionably the case. The company’s mission, which currently boasts more than a quarter-million examples of successful fulfillment, is to make “it easy for the more than 75 million hourly workers in the United States to find and apply for jobs from any mobile phone, tablet or computer”.

We were privileged to be part of the Jobaline site launch, and have enjoyed watching the company’s initial success. Along with those 250,000+ employment opportunities they’ve already helped match to an eager job-seeker, they’ve captured more than $4 million in investment funding, garnered considerable press coverage, and needed to take their site to the next level in order to accommodate the inevitable increase in traffic and demand.

Good thing, too, because Jobaline’s target market is booming. As explained by company CEO Luis J. Salazar in his recent article in Hospitality magazine:

 “. . . we’re seeing positive trends in open positions, including modest increases in wages and increased competition for workers – particularly in the hospitality, retail, construction and transportation sectors. As the economy continues to improve, we forecast more than two million new positions in the hourly workforce, and two of every three of those jobs will be on a part-time basis.

In the next year, companies will not only need to compete for the best talent, but also increase their hiring speed and minimize the more than one billion hours devoted to inefficient manual pre-screening processes.”

Jobaline is addressing these issues head on, providing an intuitive, mobile-friendly means to job searching and application that doesn’t take too much time, nor overwhelm users with distracting, irrelevant promotion.

 The Jobaline Web Project

It goes without saying that Jobaline needed a smart, responsive site — one that played remarkable well on mobile devices — especially smartphones. The Jobaline site also had to handle gobs of traffic, and load up in less than two seconds. It needed a robust CMS that could grow with the client and offer both English and Spanish. And just to complete the challenge, our client needed it fast — as in six weeks fast.

The Peaktwo team loves a challenge, so we hustled to stand everything up in that an accelerated timeframe, without compromising quality. The result? An appropriately responsive site that also boasts multi-lingual UI, and is fully integrated into the Expression Engine CMS.

Today, the Jobaline website is handling over 140,000 visits per month and at present, has a load time of under 1.2 seconds — fast enough to impress Warren Sapp, we think.

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