To Post or to Tweet?

We’ve kicked off a slew of social media and SEO campaigns for the new year. Several new and existing clients have hit us up for strategy, content generation and campaign implementation. Naturally, this means we’re advocating a lot of blogging and tweeting (as well as a few other things, but those are the bedrock of the content distribution/expertise amplification).

A side-effect of this push? A few folks have noted that while our Twitter feed is fairly active, our blog doesn’t get updated a whole helluva lot. Why, some wonder, don’t we practice what we preach? Why aren’t there at least weekly if not daily posts on Off Piste?

There are two key reasons:

That said, we know it would be foolish to overlook at least semi-regular blog posts. Generating original content is imperative, but people don’t need another Top Ten list explaining why social media is important, or guidance on how to pick a logotype color scheme. What they need is greater visibility and credibility, so that’s where our muscle goes.

Believe us, when we’re hit with what we think is an insightful idea that adds something new to the conversation, you’re the first to know!

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