United States Performance Center

United States Performance Center in Charlotte, NC is dedicated to athletic development, injury prevention and health and wellness, but the vision of co-founders David Koerner and Ike Belk doesn’t stop there. The duo’s long-term goal is to create a vibrant community of educators, researchers, and athletes united in meeting the full potential in human performance, health and wellness.

It’s a really big vision requiring a really big piece of property.

So in 2019, and after many years of meetings and negotiations, the group partnered with the City of Kannapolis and the North Carolina Research Campus to begin work on developing a human performance epicenter in the heart of the Carolinas. The future center is the first of its kind, and will lead real-world implementation of research findings while working with professional and olympic athletes from across the country. It is an ambitious plan that requires a strong foundation of support in the form of strategic partners, organizations, and donors – and that’s part of our job.

What began as an advisory role in 2013 shifted gears quickly, and we signed on with USPC to create a formal brand platform, communication materials, and digital assets to support the teams sponsorship and fundraising efforts. We also support their 501c(3), Promote the Youth, an organization that provides scholarships and grants on behalf of aspiring young athletes to Olympic certified and national training facilities.