Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is an innovative technology company that encourages happy and healthy lifestyles for employees.

Client Brief

When Virgin Pulse — part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group — reached out to us, we had to ask why. The company had just launched a gorgeous website with all the creative bells and whistles, but there was a problem. The site wasn't performing well. Visitors were not engaging, bounce rates were high, and organic search traffic took a major hit. We were asked to jump in and find out why.

After a thorough discovery of site metrics and usability, we realized that the site was the victim of an over-design. While visually impressive, the site employed a handful of scrolling and animation technologies that were at the root cause of many usability issues, and just the top of the funnel when it came to solving the site's performance woes.

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  • Wellness | Technology
Services Provided
  • Website Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO
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Project Highlights

What made this project so cool? There were many - but here are few things we really enjoyed.

  • Website Usability Assessment

    Testing revealed low engagement and high bounce rates. These we attributed to an excessive use of slow-loading animation and screen takeovers on key pages. These pages were redesigned and rebuilt.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    We created custom segments in Google Analytics to isolate and evaluate non-member data in order to assess and improve user paths throughout the site.

  • International Site Build

    Once the website usability and conversion rates were corrected, we built out four international sites to better serve the global client base.

  • SEO Wellness Glossary

    There was no SEO strategy in the original build and organic traffic had dropped significantly. We introduced new search strategies, including a powerful Wellness Glossary that earned several Google Answer Boxes.

Project Impact

Our collective efforts had a massively positive impact on overall site website performance, organic search, and lead gen.

3800%Increase in Non-Branded Search Terms

10xImprovement in Page Load Speed

5International Sites Launched