From corporate accounting functions to managing entire databases, we’ve seen Microsoft Excel perform some incredibly complex tasks for organizations. Its role begins innocently enough, often a simple, cost-effective solution for a growing business. As the business grows, so do the requirements of the humble spreadsheet – cue the conditionals, macros and pivot tables.

At some point, the organization recognizes that this is no way to run a business, and in Canteen’s case, definitely not a key function of a billion dollar corporation.

For Canteen, we built an application to automate and streamline a large, manually-accessed database that was used to develop menu offerings for their Fortune 500 clients. This internal web application is now used every day by sales teams and account managers. The app has reduced labor time by over 20% and drastically improved the overall efficiency of the division.

A phase II of the application has just completed, integrating financial models. Phase III plans include the integration of a menu AI!