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The Peaktwo Story

The first question we often hear, “What’s with the name?”

The quick answer is that we have a love of the mountains. They are massive, pure inspiration and sublime when covered in snow. The complete answer is less transparent, and the motivation behind our inception.

In 2001, the dot-com bubble burst and hundreds of former internet darlings were ripe for picking. Wide-eyed corporate giants scooped them up for their assets. Business leaders were stuck to figure out what to do with the brands, the services and customers. But they had no plan, no destination, and if you’ll allow us a bad pun, no peak to climb.

We found ourselves working with leadership to create transition plans — detailed marketing programs that brought cultures togethers and focused teams towards achieving new heights. Together we built new brands, designed collateral and led campaigns that really mattered — and it felt good.

Soon after, Peaktwo was founded, and our offerings grew. From logos and print to website design and social media campaigns. Today our mission today remains the same. We help companies reach that next peak with marketing solutions that deliver results.

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Digital Marketing Q & A with the Guys @ Peaktwo

By now you’ve heard of Digital Marketing. Your boss might have thrown it out during a meeting, your daughter might have taken that job title at some startup you’ve never heard of, but maybe you’re still unclear on what exactly digital marketing is. We know, it’s such a buzzword these days, it sounds complicated. Big. […] +


  • 6.17.2015

    Great project kickoff yesterday with a premier Charlotte fitness club. Amazing team representing. Which one was it? We’ll make the reveal when we launch!

  • 5.08.2015

    Big news from our good friends at Honor Brewing Company. Two oz. bottles/6 packs of Golden Ale and IPA starts hitting shelves next month in Virginia and North Carolina!

  • 3.02.2015

    Veranda Decking is now live. Here’s the scoop!