Best Website Design in Charlotte (Really…we’re saying it so it has to be true)

written by: Mike Granetz

May 12, 2017

Ok, you got us. This page isn’t really about website design specifically targeted to Charlotte markets. It’s a page written expressly for search engine optimization (SEO) – meaning a page for the search robots to find when someone searches “website design Charlotte”. It’s a popular SEO strategy  and done correctly, it can be a extremely helpful for your site visitors (think about creating a glossary of terms specific to your industry).

Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t good information here, but if you really want to see what a Charlotte Web Design Agency can do for you (see, we did it again – using “Charlotte” when we say “Web Design Agency” – search engines like that), please check out some of our recent projects or click here to learn more about our Charlotte team.

We also have a bunch of local Charlotte projects you can see live:

Inside Europe (
Arc International (
McGrann (
Club Fitness (
Vizion Health (

…and now if you do want to learn about choosing a web design agency in Charlotte, here’s some helpful information…

Ready for a Website Redesign?

Charlotte website designYour website is the hub of your marketing universe. It’s not a flat online brochure, it’s a magnetic, energetic two-way engagement tool (phew). Every single one of your marketing activities drives visitors back to your site. It’s where new leads begin a brand journey, and prospects continue their education. Customers purchase products. Talent looks for jobs. Media gathers insights to cite. It informs. It builds brand trust and loyalty. It sells. Its design and content constellation easily connects the “who you are, what you do, and how you do it” dots in a way that works to make you shine brighter than your competition — and above all, it elicits audience action.

So how do you choose the right web design agency?

Designing a website that shines brightest in the increasingly populated online galaxy takes more than just great design and content. Plenty of agencies that can toss up a pretty or flashy website, but few have the kind of experience and expertise to deliver the level of usability and functionality critical to gaining the attention of today’s online audience.

Many of our potential clients come to us concerned about increasing their web presence. While many of these prospects come from different arenas and are looking to attract different audiences, our core recommendation rarely changes:  To increase online impact businesses need to rethink the purpose of their website, and then strategically refine the messages, look & feel, and functionality based on this objective.

Will the website ultimately look different when we’re done? Yes. But rethinking goes deeper than re-skinning a website’s look. Design, while critical, is just one component of full-spectrum website visibility strategy.

The design itself, the pretty colors, images, animations and effects are critical for drawing your audiences in. But their overall experience on your site–the usability and functionality, is what engages them. This requires knowing your visitors – who is coming, what do they want, and how do they buy. You must be planning for their arrival with an intelligent user interface accounting for where everything — graphics, blog posts, sharing buttons, copy — is positioned on the page. This attention to positioning is designed to “activate” the visitor. It engages their eyes, mouse, and brain to create a more immersive, and thus memorable, experience. It’s the kind of engagement that gets people to come back (or even better, convert!) because your brand gets burned into their mind.

6 Keys to Building a Modern Website

If your website doesn’t perform on smartphones and tablets, you risk losing customers and negatively impacting your search engine rankings.

Easy to Update
Want to handle your own website changes? No problem. We work with all major content management platforms, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more.

Engineered for Search
You need to get found before you get chosen. Our sites will help you rise in the rankings with the most current SEO strategies and tactics.

Build for Leads
Hubspot, Marketo, Acton, MailChimp? Create an engine for lead generation with seamless integration to most marketing automation platforms.

Brilliant Design
Great design is transforming. We blend amazing designs with a clean user experience to engage visitors and encourage action.

Safe, secure, affordable hosting with 24/7 response and daily backups. The same service as the big guys, but by the people you know and trust.

Want to Hear More?

Drop us a note, we’d love to listen to you.

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