Club Fitness / Omni Health

Running a health club is all about just one thing, and no, it isn’t pumping iron—it’s about selling memberships. Sure, to enroll members you need a top-of-the-line facility, a wide variety of services, and a staff that knows how to close a deal. And yet, none of that matters if you simply can’t get people in the door.

Until recently, Club Fitness was doing that with a lot of paper: weekly mailers, postcards, windshield flyers, and of course…the free trial. When we had the opportunity to talk marketing with Club Fitness—and their two sister gyms, Omni Health & Fitness and ClubFit—our challenge was to create three gym websites for the price of one. The savings would be parlayed into a lead generation program anchored by a robust digital marketing and email automation campaign. In short, we needed to push them (hard) into the 21st century.

Like a great before-and-after makeover, the results have been incredible. The three websites, paired with a social media program, an online advertising campaign, and a MailChimp nurture program, have exceeded expectations. In the first three months, the campaign brought in over 1300 leads. Let’s see the Penny Saver do that.