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Clarabridge, the world’s most comprehensive customer experience management platform, called upon Peaktwo to design and build their next generation web presence. Leadership wanted a site that was not only visually impressive and positioned them at the top of their market, but also built from the ground up with SEO and lead generation as key primary objectives. It would also have to to display their genuine, fun-loving nature, and offer clear evidence that their focus was fixed on their customers.

Founded in 2006 by tech-savvy leadership, the original site’s substantial technical aspects weighed down Clarabridge’s innovative solution. While rich in content, it struggled to connect with Clarabridge’s buyers, executives, marketing teams and customer care managers. The new site demanded a focus on these decision makers, with content tailored to their customers’s needs and just enough information to peak their interest.


Mood Boards

Mood boards are a great tool for building consensus among team members early in the design process. For Clarabridge, we created a series of such boards that conveyed early design ideas, emotions, and expressions that are otherwise difficult to communicate.



Of course we all want to jump right into design, but wireframes are an invaluable tool when user paths and personas are critical elements of the project. The wireframes created for Clarabridge helped them understand the placement of elements, but also allowed us to work through important user actions.


Responsive Site Design

Today, all the websites we build are responsive. The Clarabridge presents a seamless experience across all devices. And yes, even the embedded Marketo forms are mobile-friendly.


Learning Center & Blog

What Hubspot is to Inbound Marketing, Clarabridge is for Customer Experience Management. It was important that the Learning Center and Blog become major destinations on the new site. The Learning Center is highly searchable and tied directly to Marketo landing pages for each asset. The blog was designed with readability in mind - big fonts, clean layout.


They Said It...

"We had an instant rapport with Mike and the Peaktwo team; we knew we could trust them to deliver. Our goal was to build an SEO First website and while doing so, capture the latest trends in responsive, visually pleasing, impactful websites. Peaktwo hit a home run. I’d highly recommend them to any CMO."

Susan Ganeshan, CMO

Reaching a Higher Level

Building this site was truly a team effort. An incredibly collaborative process from the start, the project featured an array of voices, decision makers and moving parts that were integral to the site’s development. Faced with a critical deadline looming, the team stayed diligent while also working to encompass the myriad of complex ideas and infrastructure.

Now an industry hub for CEM knowledge, Clarabridge’s new website is multi-faceted to better attract and engage decision makers within Global 5000 companies. It has been met universally with positive feedback and an increase in impressive metrics across the board that continues to validate its success.

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