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An international marketplace leader in the realm of composite decking and fencing, Fiberon came to Peaktwo seeking a website redesign for Veranda, Home Depot’s private-label brand of Fiberon decking. Fiberon was looking to bolster the brand’s visual presence, intelligently organize product information and strengthen the site’s customer support features.

The Home Depot is the exclusive seller of the Veranda brand of composite decking materials. They cater primarily to contractors and DIYers – audiences that want their information fast (…and without asking for a lot of help).  As such, the site needed to include features that could simplify research and the buying process. Tools like a project calculator and an automated sample order form were essential to meet the needs of their customers.

Veranda Decking


The Veranda website is rich with assets to help users through the decision making and shopping process. Product photos, installation videos, warranty documents, and calculators needed to be organized efficiently in order to create a very user-friendly experience. Using wireframes proved to be an invaluable step in determining the placement of these assets.


Responsive Web Design

Mobile-readiness was a critical factor for the Veranda website. Online tools, such as the decking calculator, had to perform without issue for contractors and DIYers shopping in Home Depot stores.


Material & Parts Calculator

Composite decking is more than boards. It's railings, fasteners, screws, brackets, caps...well you get the idea. The website needed a tool to help visitors determine how much decking and hardware they required for their unique deck size. We built custom calculators that that offer instant results and a convenient email function for on-the-spot shopping lists.


Samples Order Form

Veranda boards are available in a wide-variety of colors and textures, but The Home Depot may only have a few styles in stock at any given time. Serious customers request samples - a time-sensitive request that goes through Fiberon's customer care team. The new automated order form streamlines what was once a very time-consuming process.

Reaching a Higher Level

With the launch of the remodeled site, we’ve helped the Fiberon and The Home Depot empower contractors and DIYers to better plan their professional and personal renovations. Even store employees are finding that the site’s tools are invaluable – using the website materials calculator to expeditiously assist in-store customers with ordering samples and printing shopping lists for parts and materials.

In a competitive composite decking market, the multi-dimensional site has also strengthened Fiberon’s relationship with The Home Depot, demonstrating their long-term commitment to the success of the mega-retailers outdoor living offerings.

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