NetBrain Technologies

Static network maps are sooooo yesterday’s news. With NetBrain’s software, engineers can automatically map, update, and monitor network architectures to better identify, manage, and troubleshoot the largest and most complex networks in the world. Think of it as Google Maps for networks.

When we started working with NetBrain, they were facing a challenge that happens to a lot of IT companies — growing past the tech. To get to that next level of growth, evolving companies must execute a shift in thinking. That means shedding the incubator clothes, growing their audience past the techies, and taking a comprehensive look at their business. This process isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s painful, and can involve concepts and methods that look radically different than those that founded the organization.

With the added challenge of having a product, that while brilliantly obvious to network engineers, was harder to financially rationalize for the less tech savvy decision makers, NetBrain’s new website needed to address a very diverse audience. Visitors had to be quickly guided along paths that aligned with their level of understanding of the problem NetBrain’s software solved. The site had to be deep enough to impress the engineers, and clear enough for those managing the budget to understand the product’s disruptive nature and necessity to the technical health of the organization.

The resulting site is highly educational, richly integrated with marketing and analytics tools, and of course, constantly evolving.