United Health & Wellness

Peaktwo has worked with United Wellness Center since our earliest days of operation. United is the leading Chiropractic and Sports Therapy center in Northern Virginia. It’s also the official Team Chiropractor for the Washington Nationals, the Washington Redskins, the Washington Capitals, and DC United. This past year, Peaktwo had the exciting opportunity to launch a redesigned version of their site, which we first designed in 2011.

Given the dramatic changes in the chiropractic field over the last decade, we wanted to ensure that United was never confined by the definition of a chiropractor. While others in the industry thrive with quick, five-minute adjustments, the team of doctors at United Wellness offer a unique method of sports performance rehabilitation, aimed at caring for elite athletes. United Wellness aimed to brand and launch its own methodology, Bio-Orthomechanics, in addition to focusing almost exclusively on the professional and weekend warrior athlete. The new site provided the opportunity to marry both the form and the function of the site with these specific goals.