XpoNet provides secure, highly reliable Internet services to the hospitality industry. Basically, they’re the ones to thank when the hotel or conference center comes through with bulletproof Internet connectivity during festivals, sporting events, and other massive gatherings. When we first met up with them, they were already dominating one large market (Orlando), and wanted to grow their presence to other major cities, as well as break into stadiums.

But their site needed an overhaul, especially if they wanted to make it clear that they are a global provider, able to offer their services anywhere. With a few different audiences to speak to—new construction, hotels undergoing upgrades, event planners—we wanted each one to find the questions they need to be asking, and see that XpoNet has the answers. Careful site navigation and custom content and visuals made sure that potential customers understand the problems they might face with Internet before it becomes one—and rely on XpoNet for a smooth ride.

Our redesign proved that great sites don’t have to be complex and expensive. They simply need the right mix of strategy, content, and design.